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Ancient Energy Drink

Chai originated as a natural, flavorful energy and healing boost over 5000 years ago.

Chai is an Ancient Energy Drink

Health Benefits From Chai

Health Benefits

Chai calms the mind,
improves digestion and
helps reduce inflammation.

Unique Tea Leaf

Assam tea grows natively in low-lying tropics—not high up in mountains, like other teas.

Chai Tea Leaves From Assam Region in India

Chai Tea Recipe

Easy To Make

With your Chai Kit,
brew chai in only 3 steps.
It takes about 7 minutes.

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Ancient Energy Drink

Get Active, Stay Stimulated

A cup of chai, when made with whole spices and fresh Assam chai patti, is a great way to prepare the mind and body:
boost your energy levelsboost your immune systemestablish mental claritybecome more attentive

Skip the Anxiety

We love coffee and coffee shops, however consistently drinking coffee can result in increased anxiety, shaky jitters, upset stomach and lack of mental focus—all of which together creates even more anxiety.
Skip the anxiety from consistently drinking too much coffee.

Use Chai Kit to brew your own liquid energy that is calming and healthy.

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Health Benefits

Whole Spices Improve Health

With Chai Kit, a separate bag of whole spices is infused into each cup.

Whole spices provide essential minerals and vitamins that help nourish your body.

Have a cup or two of chai each day and receive a number of health benefits:
Reduced anxiety: Drinking chai with whole spices helps ground your mindset and has an extended calming effect. Brewing chai can also be very therapeutic.Anti-inflammatory benefits: Black tea, ginger and cinnamon have powerful anti-inflammatory benefits that help soft tissue recover from an active day.Antioxidant benefits: All the ingredients found in Chai Kit introduce antioxidants that protect your body against damaging free radicals that lead to aging.Cardiovascular benefits: Proper extraction of black tea and whole spices will infuse minerals and vitamins that help balance your cardio health.


The value of using the whole spices found in chai was understood over 5000 years ago, when chai first originated, in India.

Today we know that the whole spices used in Chai Kit come with essential minerals such as potassium, calcium, manganese, iron, zinc and magnesium.

Plus vitamins that are necessary for optimum health including vitamin-A, vitamin-C, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, riboflavin, niacin and thiamin.

Chai is also rich in flavonoid polyphenolic antioxidants like carotenes, cryptoxanthin, zea-xanthin and lycopene: compounds that help the body to remove harmful free radicals.

What's in a coffee shop chai?

Coffee shops attempt to simulate the flavor of chai, but usually do not provide the same benefits that you get from whole spices and fresh tea.

When whole spices are ground or processed into liquid form, which is what commercial coffee shops use, nutrients deteriorate much faster.

Plus most shops add artificial sweeteners and unnecessary sugar (8-12 spoons worth!) and loads of unnecessary ingredients that don't provide the same health benefit you get from using whole spices and premium tea.

Skip the commercial coffee shops if you want the true benefits of chai.

Use Chai Kit to prepare your mind and body to boost your energy levels and enhance your immune system.

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Unique Tea Leaf

Native Tea from Assam Region

Assam tea has a thick, rich malty character, a great mouthfeel and tremendous flavor.

Assam is one of two native tea producing regions on earth—the other is southern China.

Assam is a completely different type of tea than the tea grown just nearby in Darjeeling, where the tea has a lighter, thiner body and makes green, white and oolong teas.

Assam is unique among teas because it grows in the low-lying floodplains rather than in the mountains. The tropical climate contributes to the tea’s unique malty taste.

Chai Kit recipe balances premium Assam chai patti (black tea leaves) with an array of varying spices: from ginger to cinnamon to peppercorn and cloves, to local Indian spices such as cardamom.

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Chai Tea Recipe


1 cup of water (8 oz)
2 tablespoons of milk (or almond/soy milk)
2 teaspoons of cane sugar (or other sweetener)
1 bag whole spices from your Chai Kit
1 bag chai patti (tea leaves) from your Chai Kit


Step 1
Add whole spices bag to water in a small pot.
Place on med-high heat and bring to a boil.

Step 2
Add chai patti bag to the boiling water.
Continue boiling for 2 minutes.

Step 3
Add milk and sweetener.
Turn down heat to medium, steep for 3 minutes.

Pour into your favorite cup-
Enjoy for yourself.
Nurture your friends when you can.

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